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guitar world

life is a solo, the greatest die too soon

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This community is dedicated to the fallen ledgands of punk, funk, hard core, rock and any other guitar bands.
To join the community you will have to send in a picture of you(if you don't have one or can't post it's ok you're still wanted), your guitar, or both.
And give a discription of youreself,
and your guitar skills.
age, and state or country you live in. State and country arent nessecary though.
Also im not sure if these are "rules", but hay
Comments may be mean sometimes, but not for no reason.Everyone has oppinions and are allowed to state them freely in my community.

If you have a "problem" with one of the communities members, deal with it in your journal or the other persons, keep it out of my community.

Members of this community might not like you just by looking at you, if so...I'm sorry, but dont complain to me.

And last of all this community was designed for guitarists, drummers, vocalists, bass players, and realy anyone who enjoys great music.
So lets all get along(any instrument not mentioned is also welcome)