*lyndsy* (lenzee) wrote in crazy_fingers,

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name: lyndsy
age: 18
location: indiana state university (blahblahblah)
guitar: haha. an electric that my amazing friend chris made from pieces of an old fender... its a piece.. but its my baby

other crap: ive been playing guitar for 2 or 3 years (self-taught) i kinda suck, but thats okay cause i love it anyway.

i dont have a pic... but maybe i'll get one eventually.. the best i can do is my icon. a painting i did of myself. kinda shitty being as its on a piece of a cardboard box but... who cares.
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i was looking at the icon wondering if you painted it. that's awesome. look dave new member
hahaha AWESOME thanks for joining and no guitar is a bad guitar, sept for flying V's haha
love to love to love ya love ya